Guardiola said: Impossible Barca Chasing Madrid

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Barcelona coach Josep Guardiola pessimis about his team will be able to retain the title La Liga, although now the distance to the top of the league Real Madrid have been thinned to eight digits.

Madrid failed to win Sunday after being forced guests Malaga drew 1-1 thus failing to maintain a distance of 10 points with Barca who trailed in second place standings.

Although the range has now been exhausted, Guardiola does not see his team have a chance to overtake Madrid in the remaining 11 games since Jose Mourinho's troops appear consistent.

"I can not deny when it's better to be behind the eight points instead of 10, and tomorrow we have to go out and compete again. I still think if we are not going to win the league," said Guardiola.

Guardiola believes his side will be able to eliminate the remaining 11 games. It is also believed Madrid are not going to lose a lot more points.

Not to mention that Barca have a busy schedule because it is still struggling in the Champions League and Copa del Rey.

"I am delighted fans and the players think we can still do it. Fun to have that hope. But it would be very difficult to win all 11 games left and they will lose points very little." Guardiola said.
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Messi is the world's richest players

The world's best players from Barcelona's Lionel Messi managed to surpass David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo as world's richest footballer.

Based on a review the publication France Football, Messi in a once a year could be earned revenues of 33 million euros.

Messi paid for that number of 10.5 million euros expenditure of salary, a bonus of 1.5 million euros and 21 million euros is the proceeds from pushing and distinctive contracts.
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Football ancient times - The Beginnings of the England Football Team

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England's foremost International football measure was opposed to their brutal equals Scotland, on 5th March 1870. This game intended both nations the oldest federal government football teams in planet football. This inaugural balance was organised by the English Football Association, effortlessly 2 days subsequently on 30th November 1872 the Scottish football representatives organised the bring forth evaluate between the two sides the ending was 0-0.

It chattered zone at Hamilton Crescent, Scotland as is admitted to be the initially official international between England and Scotland because the two teams were picked and organised by the two self reliant organisations somewhat than only the English FA as in the originally contrast in 1870.

The English FA have constantly flow the English centralized football players given that it's originally evaluate opposition Scotland. At the starting off they played all their resemblances opposed to the homestead nations' teams which were Scotland, Ireland (after becoming N.Ireland)  and Wales (The British dwelling house Internationals) .

The English FA originally united FIFA in 1906 only to leave in1928 jointly as well as all the British association teams traceable to diversity of suggestion along furthermore FIFA, they afterward rejoined FIFA once more in 1946.

The originally abode contrast hostile a European international side was opposition the Belgium in 1922. In 1923 Wembley Stadium was cast off for the primarily segment Scotland all over again personality the combatants upshot 1-1 be a focus for.

It wasn't save 1953 that England ignored their triumphant journal at land 81 life from the foremost fixture that was played opposition Scotland. The squad to pound them was the exceptional Hungarian lineup in addition to 'Puskas' who won 6-3.

England made ready not keep share in the FIFA globe Cup unless the 1950 planet Cup in Brazil, where they made ready not elapse the primarily mix activity. Arguments between FIFA and the FA, the two sports governing bodies were the originator of the English side fictional out on the primarily three FIFA planet cup competition.

Their chief attain dawned when the planet Cup competition were trapped in England in 1966 when they went on to be triumphant the trophy at Wembley in the historic balance critical Germany 4-2 subsequent to excess moment.

for that prosperity the England players have on no account looked in a prime challenge cup eventual entrance available in the 1990 planet Cup in Italy and 1996 European Championships in England, featuring in semi-final parallels behind both on the penalty jump out.

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Mourinho teach as well as costly Salaries

True Madrid tutor Jose Mourinho became the highest-paid football instruct in the universe punch Barcelona author Josep Guardiola.

Based on studies, Mourinho annually earns 10 million euros. as Guardiola 7.5 million euro, compared to the proceeds of current show Guus Hiddink Anzhi Makhachkala.

Mourinho's salary may well not be separated from Madrid that is a huge objective to bounce back its glory. Madrid was motivated to have a say salaries to be conveyed Mourinho from Inter Milan two time ago.

in the mean time, Manchester City inform Roberto Mancini as train also the highest salaries in the Premier club. Italian kinsmen were in a every year seize a salary of six million euros.

Paris Saint Germain tutor Carlo Ancelotti was in fifth mind-set beforehand of Sir Alex Ferguson, Kenny Dalglish, Arsene Wenger and Harry Redknapp.

agenda of 10 acute Coaches plus Highest Salary:

A. Jose Mourinho (valid Madrid)  - 10 million euros
2. Pep Guardiola (Barcelona)  and Guus Hiddink (Anzhi Makhachkala)  - 7.5 million euro
4. Roberto Mancini (Manchester City)  - 6 million euros
5. Carlo Ancelotti (Paris Saint-Germain)  -5.9 million euros
6. Jupp Heynckes (Bayern Munich)  - 5 million euro
7. Sir Alex Ferguson (Manchester together)  and Kenny Dalglish (Liverpool)  - 4.8 million euro
9. Arsene Wenger and Harry Redknapp - 4.7 million euro.
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